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NACAMS represents America’s 35,000+ estheticians, providing professional tools, public education, esthetician liability insurance, and issue advocacy.With 25 years of trust in the Complementary and Alternative Medicines industry, NACAMS licensed professionals are the best protected estheticians in the industry.

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Esthetician Insurance

Many different services may fall within the skill set of a successful professional esthetician. These services might include everything from waxing and soothing facials to chemical peels and microdermabrasion. In this industry, where you work so closely and physically with each client, it is important to have solid esthetician liability insurance on your side. Securing insurance means you will have malpractice liability coverage, which is essential when involved with risk.

When we talk about the close and physical work that estheticians perform on their clients, we are talking about all those services that are on your menu and available to clients. Services such as waxing and extraction facials bring you up close and personal with your clients, and there is an element of risk involved with this type of work.

When you add in the fact that estheticians are often working with potentially dangerous products and tools, the risk of a client suffering some kind of harm seems to go up. For example, if a client has booked an appointment with you for a brow wax, but the heat on your wax somehow got turned up too high, you might end up burning that client during the session. Remember: Even the most careful and professional esthetician is not immune to accidents or equipment malfunctions now and again.

In the above example, if the client who was burned during the brow wax decided to sue you for the damages she suffered, then you would want liability insurance on your side. If you did not possess insurance, then you would have to bear the financial burden of the legal process and possible settlement cost.

With esthetician liability insurance, however, the high cost associated with claims does not come out of your own pocket. An esthetician policy is designed specifically to provide the necessary financial support and coverage in incidents  such as the one described above.

In the most basic terms, esthetician insurance exists to serve as a financial safety net for professional estheticians. Such a policy is there to provide monetary coverage in the case of legal claims of damage or injury associated with the work of the professional esthetician.

Depending on the nature of the brow burn case described above, the portion of your insurance that would kick in to provide the financial coverage would either by the malpractice liability or product liability.

If the client believes the burn was due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional esthetician, then the claim would fall under the coverage of malpractice, or professional, liability insurance. However, if the too-hot wax was the result of equipment malfunction, then the claim may fall under the product liability portion of your insurance instead.

Any esthetician liability insurance you purchase should come complete with both of these types of liability coverage, along with a third kind of coverage for general liability. General liability, also known as trip and fall coverage, is there for cases where a client or other person slips, trips, falls or otherwise suffers an accident on the property of your esthetician studio or inside your session room. The policy you choose should certainly include the above mentioned forms of coverage, but it should also offer you even more protection in exchange for that small annual payment. Look for a program that also gives you rental damage coverage, and stolen equipment coverage.

If you do your homework, you can gain incredible peace of mind with the various forms of protection you bring on board when you sign up for a solid esthetician insurance policy.


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Esthetician Industry Facts

• In the United States, all states require estheticians and most other personal appearance workers to be licensed; however, qualifications for a license vary by state.

• Estheticians work indoors in salons, health and beauty spas, or medical offices.

• A primary force driving the growth of the Esthetician occupation is the increase in maturing baby boomers seeking skin care services to forestall or hide the aging process.

State Requirements for Estheticians

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Esthetician Disciplines Covered

• Mini Facial
• Deluxe European Facial
• Four Layer Facials
• Acne Treatment
• Epicuren Facial
• Oxygen Treatment Facial
• Cold Light
• Cold Light Series 6 Facials
• Chemical Peel Treatment
• Microdermabrasion
• Micro & Peel
• Eye Brow Arch
• Lip, Chin or Cheek Wax
• Full Face
• Half Leg
• Full Leg
• Bikini Wax
• Brazilian Waxing
• Arm Wax
• Underarm Wax
• Back Wax
• Chest Wax
• Body Scrub
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