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When you get in your car to drive, whether you are running an errand to a grocery store five minutes away or taking a road trip to another state, there is always the chance that an accident may happen. One could argue that the chances of an accident taking place are higher for the road trip than the short drive over to the grocery store, but the bottom line remains that an accident could happen any time you are driving, no matter how short or long the trip.

Thinking about this possibility, it is almost a wonder that any of us get out on the road in the first place. However, most people have come to realize that accidents are the exception and not the rule, even if they are always a possibility. Plus, the fact that drivers are required to carry automobile insurance should decrease some of the concerns we might have, especially in the sense of the monetary repercussions of a potential accident.

When it comes to massage therapist insurance, you can think about this policy in much the same way you think about your own car insurance. An insurance policy is there to shoulder the financial burden of potential accidents that could occur in association with your work as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker.

Like driving, there is always a chance that an accident could take place when you are working with other people in your practice. Also like driving, such accidents appear to be the exception and not the rule. Still, the possibility is always there, which is why it ends up making good financial sense to secure a liability insurance policy. After all, massage therapy liability insurance tends to be much cheaper than automobile insurance. You should be able to find quality massage insurance for less than a couple hundred dollars per year.

While it is easy to imagine the types of accidents that could take place when one is out driving on the road, it may be a bit more challenging to picture the kinds of accidents associated with a massage therapy or bodywork practice. Here, we will outline the sort of situations that could result in the need for the coverage provided by massage liability insurance.

First of all, there are the pure accidents, such as slips, trips and falls, which could happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. If a person happens to have one of these slips, trips, or falls on the property of your massage practice or inside your session room, he or she could decide to sue you for any damages that occurred during the accident, simply because it took place on your property.

In this scenario, the general liability coverage afforded by your insurance should be there to provide the necessary financial protection. Two other types of accidents that should be covered by massage insurance include situations where a client believes he or she suffered harm due to a lack of competence on the part of the professional practitioner or due to a product used during the appointment.

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