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NACAMS represents America’s 76,000+ nail technicians, providing professional tools, public education, nail technician liability insurance, and issue advocacy. With 25 years of trust in the Complementary and Alternative Medicines industry, NACAMS licensed professionals are the best protected nail technicians in the industry.

nail technician insuranceWhen clients leave their appointments with a successful nail technician, they may feel as if they are almost walking on air. With beautiful hands and feet and perfectly polished nails, people tend to feel more confident and attractive. For the professional nail technician, making clients feel great is one of the more rewarding aspects of the industry, along with the ability to earn a solid income as a busy nail technician.

However, before you can fully focus on serving your clients and gaining popularity in your local community, it is important to take certain steps to make sure you are squared away in terms of any local guidelines or regulations required of the nail technicians in your area. One common requirement is to purchase and be able to show proof of nail technician liability insurance.

In fact, even if you happen to live in a rare region where you are not required by law to possess nail technician liability insurance, securing such a policy remains a wise idea in the financial sense. The main benefit of having nail technician liability insurance is that this coverage will be there to pay for legal fees or damages incurred if a client or other person ever decides to sue you for some kind of harm or suffering.

The types of harm or suffering that should be covered by your nail technician liability insurance should include any accidents that take place on the property of your nail salon, along with any damages a client claims are due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional nail technician or due to a product used during the appointment.

In order to make sure your nail technician liability insurance covers all three of these categories of potential harm or suffering, you need to look for a policy that includes general, malpractice and liability coverage. This way, you will have the financial protection you need in case a legal claim comes up that falls into any one of these three categories.

For example, if one of your clients happens to have a severe allergic reaction to a lotion that you apply to her feet, then that client may decide to sue you for the damages. In this instance, it would be the product liability portion of your nail technician liability insurance that would kick in to provide the necessary financial support and coverage.

As another example, if a client were to slip on a small puddle near the foot baths, she might end up breaking an arm or suffering some other kind of injury. In this scenario, it would be the general liability component of your nail technician liability insurance that would be called upon to provide you with monetary coverage.

If a client believes she was harmed due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional nail technician, then the malpractice aspect of your nail technician liability insurance would be there to offer financial protection.


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Industry Facts

• Nail technicians can advise clients on issues of dryness, skin calluses and nail health.

• Nail technician jobs are not greatly affected by economic conditions since the service is utilized across the social spectrum.

• Jobs in the industry have been steadily on the rise and are projected to continue increasing for the next few years.

Nail Technician License Requirements by State

Nail Care Services

Nail Enhancements

• Polish Change

• Acrylic Full Set

• Acrylic Fill In

• Acrylic Back Fill

• Gel Full Set

• Gel Fill In

• Nail Repair

• Nail Art

Hand and Foot Care

• Manicures

• Children’s Manicure

• Spa Manicures

• French Manicure

• Gel Toes

• Pedicure

• Paraffin Pedicure

• All Varieties of Foot Scrubs

Nail Decorations

• Varnish

• Gems

• Charms

• Glitter

• Painting

• Airbrush Designs

• Stencil Designs

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