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Reiki insurance provides peace of mind for practitioners and clients.In many areas, the practice of reiki is regulated, often by the same governing board that may regulate massage therapy and bodywork. Even though reiki is typically considered a form of energy work, it is important for prospective practitioners to find out whether this modality is regulated as a form of touch therapy.

One key reason to discover whether your state or region regulates reiki therapy is because, if this is the case, there will likely be certain requirements you must meet in order to attain and keep your license to practice reiki legally. One such requirement often is the need to purchase and provide proof of reiki liability insurance.

At first, some reiki therapists may be confused and even a bit frustrated by the legal need to invest in reiki liability insurance. However, it is important to understand that even when you practice a modality as gentle as reiki or other forms of energy work, there are still risks to you as the professional, and this is where reiki liability insurance comes into play.

In fact, even if you happen to work in an area where reiki practitioners are not required to secure reiki liability insurance, the risks of doing business with members of the public are still quite real and present. Therefore, even these unregulated reiki professionals would be wise to secure reiki liability insurance. At the most basic level, such a policy is designed to protect your practice and your assets from a variety of potential legal claims.

Now, you may be wondering exactly what these real and presents risks of running a professional reiki practice may be, and how such risks could ever lead to any kind of legal claim. For starters, one of the biggest risks of doing business in person with members of the public—as is the case in a reiki practice—is the fact that someone could happen to have an accident on the property of your reiki practice or inside your session room.

In the case of this kind of risk, your reiki liability insurance policy should provide coverage for what is called general liability. This portion of your reiki liability insurance policy is also known as trip and fall insurance, because it is designed specifically to deal with legal claims that involve trips, falls, slips and other kinds of accidents that could take place on the property of the business owner or inside the reiki session room.

Other risks of running a reiki practice include the risk of facing a legal claim from a client who believes he or she suffered some kind of harm due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional reiki therapist or due to a product used in your reiki practice. Here, the malpractice and product liability aspects of your reiki liability insurance should provide the necessary financial support and protection.

For example, if a client comes to see you for reiki therapy and later believes that what you did during the session exacerbated an existing injury, she may decide to sue you for the damages. Even if her claims are wholly unfounded, you would want and need the malpractice coverage that comes with your reiki liability insurance to see you through the legal process.


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Common Reiki Disciplines Include:
Karuna Reiki
Aura Clearing
Healing Attunement
Neurolinguistic Programming
Hayashi method
Raku Kai

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Reiki insurance for a calm, clear mind

At a glance, it would seem there are few reasons a reiki practitioners would ever need to worry about liability insurance. Frequently, professionals who practice this form of energy work do not even lay hands on the skin of their clients. If they do, it is typically quite lightly.

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