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Yoga instructor insurance: while you may not have considered it, professional insurance is an investment every yoga teacher should make.

Why? In simple terms, insurance is relatively low cost (especially when compared to the price tag of an average lawsuit); it will allow you to work in venues that require individual yoga instructor professional insurance; and having yoga liability coverage will protect you from claims regarding accidents and other occurrences that can happen in your yoga studio.

In fact, a primary form of insurance that a yoga teacher policy includes is general liability insurance. This type of insurance, also known as “slip and fall” insurance, is the kind that almost every business wants and needs. If someone slips on a small spill and suffers an injury, for instance, a lawsuit can happen. This type of accident can happen anytime, anywhere, and any business that allows a customer on the property is a candidate for such a claim.

Yoga, of course, is also a physical activity. Anyone who has ever gone to a yoga class knows this. As a result, the potential for physical injury is high. In your yoga class, you likely have a wide range of physical health and natural agility among your students. If you have a student who is just getting back into shape and that student gets injured, you, the teacher, could be sued. It may not be your fault, but if the injury happens during your yoga class, you can still be singled out for a claim.

If a student claims you did something inappropriate in class – gave incorrect instructions or over-corrected a student’s posture in a pose – then the professional (malpractice) portion of the insurance would protect you. Even the best yoga students can, and sometimes do, push their physical limitations. You may give excellent instruction, but they may ignore you and subsequently injure themselves. You may not be wrong, but it won’t matter if they decide to sue you. You will literally have to pay to go through the process – unless you have yoga instructor insurance. Checkout our Insurance Guide

It’s worth noting that yoga studio insurance will usually provide some form of general liability coverage, but remember that yoga studio insurance doesn’t cover you, the individual yoga instructor. As a result, you may still be sued and found liable. Securing insurance is really the only way to make sure that you’re completely covered in any space. Remember, too, that if you’re ever a guest yoga instructor at another location, you may need your own liability coverage in order to conduct your class there.

By enrolling in a quality yoga insurance program, you can have additional peace of mind, knowing that you have the all of the coverage you need in case of the unexpected.

YIP, a division of NACAMS, offers:

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance
  • $2 Million Per Occurrence
  • $3 Million Individual Annual Aggregate
  • $2 Million Products & Completed Operations Individual Annual Aggregate
  • Rental Damage Coverage $100,000

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Industry Facts

• It is estimated around sixteen million North Americans practice some form of yoga.

• A male who practices yoga is referred to as a yogi or yogin, whereas a female who practices yoga is called a yogini.

• Yoga had been practiced in India for centuries, but it has been practiced in the United States since the late 19th century.

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