Dance Instructors Liability Insurance

With 25 years of trust in the health, wellness, and beauty industry, NACAMS licensed professionals are the best protected dance instruction professionals in the industry.

When you are protected by dance instructor liability insurance, you no longer have to worry about all the unpredictable scenarios that could possibly unfold on the property of your dance studio or during one of your dance classes. Instead you can focus on doing what you love—teaching your students to dance—and know that you will be covered in case of any accidents.

For the dance teacher who is wondering why he or she really needs dance instructor liability insurance, it does come down to the fact that accidents happen. When those accidents happen during one of your dance classes or on the property of your dance studio, then you may be the one being held legally liable to cover any damages.

Even though it can be hard to imagine any one of your students suffering an accident so severe that he or she would choose to sue you for the damages, you must focus on the fact that this is indeed a possibility, even if the odds of it happening are small.

As an example, one of your students may fall during floor work within one of your dance classes. This fall could result in a broken ankle, and you might be holding your breath while you wait to see if this student or her parents choose to sue you for the medical bills and any other perceived damages.

When you have dance instructor liability insurance in place, such a situation would certainly still cause you, as the professional dance teacher, much distress. However, a whole lot of your anxiety also would be eased by the fact that your dance instructor liability insurance is designed to provide financial support and protection in these kinds of cases.

In other words, your dance instructor liability insurance policy would be there to settle the legal claims of the student with the broken ankle, so that you do not have to reach into your own pockets and drain your own accounts—possibly risking your whole business and career.

Fortunately, because the dance profession is not quite as risky some other realms, such as medicine or dentistry, the cost for dance instructor liability insurance should be reasonable. By looking around, you should be able to find a high quality dance instructor liability insurance policy for less than a couple hundred dollars per year.

When you consider this annual fee and the amount of peace of mind it can buy, it may then become clear that dance instructor liability insurance is a great deal for any professional dance teacher. After all, such a policy can provide you with a wonderful sense of security as you go about your daily business of running a dance studio or simply teaching dance classes.

Even if you believe the risk of a student suffering some kind of harm in association with your dance classes is so low that it is almost non-existent, it still pays to purchase dance instructor liability insurance. Just one legal claim against you could be too much to handle on your own.

NACAMS Professional Policy for
Dance Instructors

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance:
    $2 million per occurrence,
    $3 million individual annual aggregate
    Product Coverage: $2 million
    Rental Damage Insurance: $100,000
    Identity Protection Plan
    Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000*
  • PLUS Free Professional Website and
    Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Instant Coverage in minutes!
*$250 deductible applies to Stolen Equipment Coverage.
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