Have a question about NACAMS or health, wellness, and beauty insurance? Read our frequently asked questions for details on the NACAMS program and valuable information on professional liability insurance.

NACAMS Frequently Asked Questions

NACAMS understands the importance of clients’ privacy and takes protection of their privacy seriously. NACAMS has adopted the following Privacy Policy that applies to client information that is gained through the natural course of business:

  1. Acquiring Information. We only gather client information that is either required by law or otherwise needed to provide top service to our clients.
  2. Your Privacy and NACAMS Employees. Our employees recognize the importance of your privacy. Only select employees who require your information to perform their jobs effectively will have access to your client information.
  3. Security Standards. NACAMS’ access to sensitive information is consistent with legal requirements, protected by the appropriate technological safeguards, and used for the demands of customer service.
  4. Third-Party Disclosure. We provide individually-identifiable information about consumers to third parties only if ordered to do so by a legal authority, if consent of the consumer has been expressly given, or if it is needed to provide customer service.
No. When you enroll with NACAMS, you immediately enter the system and a certificate is instantly emailed to you, so our policy is nonrefundable.
Just contact us and we will mail you a new copy. Your confirmation of coverage is evidence that you have liability insurance coverage. We strongly suggest that you keep your confirmation of coverage in a secure location.
If your policy was in effect at the time of an incident, you will be covered by our policy. All professional or product liability claims must be reported within two years after your policy expires.
Call NACAMS at 8009640158 and report the event as soon as you possibly can. We will immediately send you a claim form to fill out.
A NACAMS policy will not cover invasive practices, such as acupuncture, nor will it cover colonic educators. Herbal counseling and use of T-bars are also not covered. The policy will not provide coverage for charges of sexual harassment or transmission of an STD/HIV.
Your policy must be listed under your name as the individual practitioner. However, if you are a sole proprietor, your business name will still be covered. If you operate as a corporation or partnership, you may also list your business as an additional insured.
Unfortunately, no. NACAMS provides insurance for the individual practitioner and may not be extended to spouses or employees.

General Insurance Information

Professional liability insurance, also commonly known as malpractice insurance, is the type of insurance that protects the insured against lawsuits in which damages or injuries are claimed due to some negligence or fault on behalf of the practitioner.
You can, of course, forgo any insurance and assume the entire risk. You can do this as long as you can be assured you will not suffer a major loss. However, since risk is impossible to predict, a better option is to pass any risks you feel would be detrimental to you, your business, and/or your family to a liability insurance carrier.
You should consider purchasing liability insurance when you begin your career as a professional. Coverage is also generally available to students at discounted rates under main programs.
Most liability insurance plans include professional liability (malpractice), general liability (trip and fall) and product coverage (eg, adverse reaction to an oil or lotion). Some programs offer additional coverage as well. Some liability insurance providers will also cover you with one policy for one price, even if you practice several modalities. You should check with the program sponsor for details.
Most liability insurance programs offer liability protection at $1 million or $2 million dollar coverage per occurrence per year. Annual aggregate coverage generally ranges between $2 million and $3 million.
It is important to note the difference between “occurrence form” and “claims made” coverage. Occurrence form coverage means claims arising out of incidents that occur during the policy term are covered even if they are reported after the end of the policy term. Claims made coverage means claims arising out of incidents that occur during the policy term are covered only if they are also reported before the end of policy term. Some claims made policy forms allow for an extended reporting period beyond the policy term. Occurrence form coverage or claims made coverage with an extended reporting period are generally the best options, compared to pure claims made coverage.
Check ratings of massage liability insurance carriers with some of the major rating agencies, such as A.M. Best Company, Weiss Ratings, Standard & Poor’s, or Moody’s Investment Services. Look for an “A” rating or better.
Research the websites of the various liability insurance providers and spend the time to compare the benefits and costs of each program. Some of these sites provide an online comparison of their program with those of the competition. Speak to their licensed representatives as necessary to help you to make an informed choice as to what insurance program best meets your needs and objectives.
Additional benefits vary widely by provider, but some of the best offers include stolen equipment coverage, a professional website, a directory listing on an industry leading website, and an industry newsletter.

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