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NACAMS represents reflexology professionals, providing public education, professional development tools, reflexologist liability insurance, and relevant issue advocacy. With 25 years of trust in the health and wellness industry, NACAMS licensed professionals are the best-protected reflexologists in the industry. To get the most comprehensive reflexology insurance coverage at the most competitive rate in the industry, contact us today.

Becoming a professional reflexologist requires dedication, persistence and planning. One must enroll in the appropriate classes, earn a license or certification to practice, set up the business and draw clients. All of this is part of creating a thriving reflexology studio. No professional reflexologist should risk losing what he or she has worked so hard to build. This is why reflexologist liability insurance is a crucial component of setting up one’s business.

In fact, securing reflexologist liability insurance often happens before the first client even comes through the door. This is because reflexologist liability insurance serves as a core piece of your practice—a foundation of safety and security. With reflexologist liability insurance in place, you know you are covered when it comes to a wide array of potential issues associated with your work and interactions with clients.

One big category of risk that should be covered by any quality reflexologist liability insurance policy is known as general liability. This term refers to cases where a client or other person has an accident on your property. These are not accidents associated with you or your work in the session room. Instead, general liability refers to situations such as trips, slips, and falls.

Such accidents may take place in your parking lot or in your hallway or in any other area that is considered the property of your reflexology practice. We all know that accidents happen, and they are almost impossible to predict or prevent, which is why the general liability coverage offered by reflexologist liability insurance is so very important. This coverage will offer the financial support necessary to help you face and possibly settle a legal claim involving general liability.

For example, imagine a client trips on her way into the session room. This simple stumble could turn more serious if she happens to fall and break her wrist. Now, this client could file a legal claim against you because the accident took place on your property. You may be at even greater risk of facing a legal claim if the client believes there was some sort of hazard that caused her to trip, such as a loose rug or a slick spot on the floor.

When a client files a legal claim such as the one described above, you may find yourself being sued to pay for all her medical bills associated with the broken wrist and possibly other monetary damages tied to missed days of work, pain and suffering, and so on. Fortunately, with a strong reflexologist liability insurance policy in place, you should not have to reach into your own pockets or drain your own accounts to settle such a claim.

This is just one of the big categories of risk covered by a high quality reflexologist liability insurance policy. Other legal claims, such as claims of malpractice or harm associated with specific products, also should be part of the protection your reflexologist liability insurance provides. You have done the hard work to become a professional reflexologist. Secure reflexologist liability insurance, and don’t risk losing what you have built.

NACAMS Professional Policy for

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance:
    $2 million per occurrence,
    $3 million individual annual aggregate
    Product Coverage: $2 million
    Rental Damage Insurance: $100,000
    Identity Protection Plan
    Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000*
  • PLUS Free Professional Website and
    Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Instant Coverage in minutes!
Reflexology insurance at student rates
*$250 deductible applies to Stolen Equipment Coverage.
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